The QFlex project is the most recent incarnation of SimFlex. Please cite the following two references if you need citations for QFlex:

QFlex. Parallel Systems Architecture Lab (PARSA), EPFL. March 2020. [Bibtex] – [repo]

SimFlex: Statistical Sampling of Computer Architecture Simulation. Thomas F. Wenisch, Roland E. Wunderlich, Mike Ferdman, Anastassia Ailamaki, Babak Falsafi and James C. Hoe. In IEEE Micro special issue on Computer Architecture Simulation, July/August 2006. [Detailed record] – [Bibtex] – [PDF]

Please cite the following paper for a citation for the sampling methodology employed to speed up simulation turnaround times:

SMARTS: Accelerating Microarchitecture Simulation via Rigorous Statistical Sampling. Roland E. Wunderlich, Thomas F. Wenisch, Babak Falsafi and James C. Hoe. In Proceedings of the 30th International Symposium on Computer Architecture, June 2003. [Detailed record] – [Bibtex] – [PDF]